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Area47 Zipflbob

Rafting, canyoning, climbing or Blobbing – who wants to try up to 25 outdoor sports in a very short time, should visit the Area47 in the Austrian valley Ötztal! Even the young kids like to accompany their parents on this short break.

Three days full of adventures are waiting for us. In the Austrian valley Oetztal we follow the signs to the Area47, the largest outdoor adventure area in Austria. Behind the entrance is the Water Area with a large swimming lake, wakeboard facilities, cliff diving, slide parks, blobbing and a jumping hill. We check in first in our two double rooms with balconies overlooking the wild river called Ötztal Ache. For groups there are teepees and detached wooden houses on the site.

With a “Zipflbob” on the jumping hill

It is 20 degrees and we slowely rush down the slides of the Water Area, our two kids do not omit anything and grab drysuits. They bravely climb with a kind of sleigh, a so called Zipflbob, up to the top of the 18-meter ski jump. An experienced guide explains, how to overcome the ski jump with the actual winter sports equipment.
Area47 Mit dem Zipflbob über die Schanze

With a loud cheer Linus races down the green hill, flies high through the air, flings the bright yellow Zipflbob out of his hand and ends up in the eight-meter deep natural lake. The crowd at the Lakeside Restaurant claps and cheers.

When there is nobody in the water area below the jumping hill, it is the blobbers turn. David jumps on the giant rubber pillow and slips all the way forward. Curious he looks up. Two powerful blobbing guys jump hand in hand on the rear end of the pad and with a surprised shout David is thrown into the air, kicking wildly with his legs and ends up in the cool water. His jumping is rewarded with applause from the audience in the restaurant.

Area47 Blobbing

Area47: It all started with rafting

Linus and David are hard to get out of the water, but in the afternoon we booked a rafting trip. With this sport the story of the Area47 began, reveals Christian Schnöller, Marketing Director of Discovery Park. “In the 1980s rafting spilled over from the US and we also offered canyoning very early,” he says. Then the idea to a whole park with outdoor offerings was born.

Area47 Raftingtouren auf dem Inn

Where the river Ötztaler Ache flows into the Inn the rafting, canyoning or caving tours for beginners and professionals start. We slip into the neoprene suits and drive to the starting point of the tour. A guide and we four share a rafting boat and whiz through the rapids of the Inn. Two hours we glide down the river, our boat is riding fast and jumps over the waves. Just for fun the kids jump into the freezing river water.

First canyoning trial

A short getaway just fine to try various outdoor activities and so the next day we try in canyoning. In bright red dry suits we go to the entry point at the river Nederbach. Our guide Stefan gradually lower us down on a rope from a 17 meter high bridge.

Area47 Canyoning Challenge für Einsteiger

Who survived this, manages the rest of the tour easily. We wander through the canyon of the river Nederbach and every now and then we have to save ourselves with a climbing rope and the guides let us down a few meters at different points.

Area47 Canyoning Brigitte

We get totally wet in the rock slide. With a lot of power I glide through the washed-out gully and dip into the icy river water. A jump of more than four meters high and the torrential waters leaves us, however, more often soaked in our swimsuits. With proud look and only a few bruises we climb after 90 minutes out of the canyon.

High ropes course, off-road driving and Argentinean BBQ

Since I’m a little afraid of heights, I let out the high ropes course. In 27 meters height the guys climb under a high bridge over tree trunks, cling to ropes and climb through nets.

Area47 Klettergarten für Mutige

In the great hall at the entrance of Area47 buggies and electric motorcycles race through the sand of the off-road area, but we go rather next door to the barbecue restaurant “Argentinian BBQ” and try huge steaks and veggie skewers. Breakfast is served in the Lakeside restaurant at the lake, where guests can dine all day.

On the last day of our short break we spend a few hours in the water park. The boys rush a few times down the hill and fly in front of the Tyrolean mountains through the air.

Area47 Rutschenturm, Schanze und Natursee

Find more informationen to a short trip to the Area47 here:

Note: This trip was supported by the the Area47. The report is intended solely as our own opinion.

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