Husky-Tour through the Oberammergau Alps

“Ready … Go!” Snow knows the signal. The Husky lady with blue eyes jumps up and starts running. She leads eight eager sled dogs through the snow and pulls me in my sleigh across the snow-covered landscape. Once again I made a personal travel dream come true and tried a dog sled ride in the Oberammergau Alps.


I cuddle myself under a thick reindeer skin and pull the hood even deeper into my face. With the rapid pace the snowflakes whip hard in my face. “How!” shouts the musher. The dog turns left. “Actually, one can well remember the commands”, Werner Laqua explains, who is standing on the sled behind me. “If you go on the road, you look first to the left, then to the right. The commands are how and Gee. “This sounds like the Hohh–Chee when you have a cold”, he smiles. The musher laughs merrily, stops and runs in front of the dogs. Kira has been involved in harness and must be freed. Then it goes into loose travel pace through the snowy Alps of Oberammergau.


On the edge of the spa town of Bad Bayersoien Werner Laqua pitched his camp. With two carts Tourists can drive along the lake Soier through the snowy landscape. “I taught myself 18 years ago even the driving. My goodness, I dropped of so often”, the mushers told me while laughing.

After 20 minutes, the fun is already over. Werner Laqua directs his animals back to the base camp and stops. Slightly chilly I peel myself out of reindeer skin and trudge over to the dogs. I give the dogs a short hug and a small snack before the next guests go on a round trip.


Further information:
Tourist Information Oberammergau
Ammergauer Alpen GmbH
Eugen-Papst-Str. 9a
82487 Oberammergau
This text has been translated to the best of my knowledge into English.
Note: This trip was supported by the Tourist Information  Oberammergau. The report represents our own opinions.
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