By long tail boat through Southern Thailand

The rattling engine of the long wooden boat stops after a half-hour ride across the Andaman Sea. Finally, it is quiet and the boot hull – decorated with pink flowers and blue ribbons – glides silently on the shallow coral beach. High cliffs guarding the narrow entrance of the bay, colorful fish cavorting in crystal clear, turquoise shining water. The green jungle in the island’s interior lights bright on this early morning.


Shortly after sunrise I started with the captain and his long tail boat from the hotel Zeavola in the northeast of the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi to experience the little paradise, that was already found by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie “The Beach”. The Maya Bay on the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi Leh is a popular destination today, but in the early morning the famous “Beach” in Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park is still the paradise that author Alex Garland described in his book.

Südthailand_Longtail_Koh Phi Phi

“However, our small boats go to less well-known beaches.” Florian Hallermann, general manager of Zeavola resorts in the quiet north of the main island of Koh Phi Phi Don, indicated on two islands in sight. In the middle of the jungle a couple of Garden- and Village Suites hide under the trees of the luxury hotel, on the beach there a some Waterfront Villas, high on a mountain overlooking the sea a huge pool villa waits for families. While the bedrooms can be completely closed, bathroom and living area are open, even the shower is outdoors!


From the hotel it is only a stone’s throw to the uninhabited Mosquito Island and I will go over there in the afternoon. The rocks of the island rise steeply from the water, so we can not go ashore. But the wooden boat with the luminous Zeavola lettering has little depth and drives off the island directly above the corals. I put my goggles on, put the snorkel in place and let myself slip into the warm water. Instantly a swarm of yellow-gray striped fish is swimming around me. I see colorful clams in light blue and violet. Underwater there is also much to see for snorkelers and I do not have to share this spot with other boats.


On the way back we head for the neighboring Bamboo Island, a coral beach surrounds a jungle mountain. Kayakers circling the island, some day-trippers walk at the powder-white beach. Before it gets dark, the captain brings me back to the hotel. Today is full moon and the Zeavola serve a romantic dinner with torches and a lot of fresh seafood right on the beach. And just quietly in the background you can hear the rattle of the fishing boats that catch fresh fish for the next day.

Further information:
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
Thailändisches Fremdenverkehrsamt
Bethmannstr. 58
60311 Frankfurt
Hotel Zeavola
11 Moo 8, Laem Tong
Koh Phi Phi
8100 Krabi
This text has been translated to the best of my knowledge into English.

Note: This trip was supported by the Hotel Zeavola. The report represents our own opinions.

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