Prague – culture and beer

Prague – the Golden City. The metropolis on the Vltava River is on the bucket list of many tourists. Crossing the Charles Bridge, roam through the largest castle in the world and taste the acclaimed Prague beer. The historic heart of Prague is chic: You will find Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau facades, the turbulent history of the Czech capital is reflected in the architecture. Large parts of the center are now on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Friday in Prague

4 pm: The first path leads to the oldest place of Prague, the Old Town Square. At the tourist office you will get a map, the necessary guide through the countless, winding streets.

Prag Altstädter Ring

Where in earlier times vegetables, jewelry and cattle were traded, today students recruit for city tours. Tourists crowd in front of the large, astronomical clock on the side of the town hall tower and wait for the twelve apostles. Every hour two inconspicuous windows open and the figures look down on the curious people.

Prag Astronomische Uhr

7 pm: Time for the first beer! The famous drink has a long tradition in Prague, it has been brewed here for more than 1,000 years. Countless pubs offer the Czech national drink in combination with hearty, Czech cuisine.

10 pm: From the beer cellar you can go directly to the club. The “duplex” at the Wenceslas Square is very popular. Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger already celebrated his 60th birthday here and enjoyed the view over the rooftops of Prague.

Saturday in Prague

10 am: Shopping! Behind historic facades you will find Bohemian glass, haute couture and unusual souvenirs. Typical glass art offers Arzenal. The artist Borek Sipek has already designed parts of the interior of the Prague Castle and designs unusual objects in its lounge. Classic Souvenirs are wooden toys, ceramic and painted Easter eggs – you will find them at Ceská lidová remesla. By the way: The colorful Babushka dolls that are available at each souvenir shop are not local, and a nuisance to the locals.

Prag Shopping

3 pm: Time for a good piece of cake with a little bit of Czech coffeehouse culture. Daily from 7-24 pm various coffees and cakes are served in the Art Nouveau Café Evropa in the homonymous Grand Hotel. The best view offers the Grand Café Praha. It is directly opposite the Astronomical clock of the town hall.

7 pm: On Saturday night it is time for culture. The large National Theatre at the Vltava plays classical operas and dramas, also ballet is here occasionally on the program. From Faust to Don Giovanni to Othello – everyone will find something interesting. Tickets are available in advance on the internet or at the ticket office directly at the National Theatre. The office opens 45 minutes before the event starts.

Sunday in Prague

8 am: Prague is full of tourists during daytime. Getting up early is worth it! Behind the amazing Bridge Tower – the Old Town Tower – begins the 520-meter-long, cobbled Charles Bridge.

Prag Karlsbrücke Altstädter Turm

Already shortly after eight o’clock caricaturists, puppeteers and musicians are competing for the first spectators. The Holy Nepomuk at the bridge brings luck. Whoever touches the blank grated relief below the figure, the legend learns to have healing powers.

Prag Karlsbrücke Künstler

9 am: Now you have to climb a bit. The road leads to the mountain Hradcany with the Prague Castle, the largest contiguous castle complex in the world. The visit of the site is free, only for the churches and museums a ticket is required. Who has already bought a ticket at 9 am can walk relatively undisturbed by the great St. Vitus Cathedral. The highest 96 meters building is a national shrine for the Czechs. Here large Bohemian kings have their final resting place.

Prager Burg St. Veits Dom

11 am: In the old royal palace you can refresh your history knowledge. The choice of the Czech kings took place in the 62 meter long Vladislav Hall. Next door two Habsburg governors were thrown out of the window in 1618 in the moat: The defenestration sparked the Thirty Years War in which Europe completely altered.


1 pm: Finally you should take your time for fine dining with a view. From the rooftop restaurant Terasa U Zlate Studne near the castle becomes clear why Prague is called the City of a Thousand Spires. Even in spring temperatures food will also be served outside. Under radiant heaters and a classic Williams Liqueur with views over the golden city saying goodbye is difficult.

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