Grenada – A journey to rum and nutmeg

The Sea Cloud II is sailing slowly to the port of St. George’s at the Caribbean island Grenada. The sun is shining, the air temperature is 30 degrees and we start to explore the famous “spice island”!
01 Grenada Hafen Sea Cloud St. Georges

The island is part of the Caribbean archipelago of the Lesser Antilles and forms an independent Member State within the Commonwealth of Nations. Like most of the tourists we arrive at the capital St Georges. Handsome trading houses line up at the horseshoe-shaped bay, on the surrounding hills we see two forts – Fort George and Fort Frederik.
Grenada Hafen St. Georges

Beautiful beaches

Grenada is 344 square kilometers in size, and since we will only stay for a few hours, we jump on a bus and start a tour around the island. First we head for the most popular attraction of the island (according to Tripadvisor – the Grand Anse Beach. The lovely beach is located between the bright green mountains and I would like to take a swim in the gorgeous turquoise waters. But the bus driver honks – the journey continues.

Grenada Grand Anse Beach

Rum punch tasting

We drive a few kilometers through the mountains and stop at the old rum factory of Clarke’s Court the Woodlands Valley. Our tour guide gives us colorful helmets for our safety and walks ahead in the admittedly outdated building.
Grenada Rum Fabrik Clarkes Court

Rum was produced here already in the 18th century, old steam engines from 1886 are still visible. Since 1937 the factory belongs to Clarke’s Court.

 Grenada Rum Clarkes Court

We walk through the old halls, our guide explains the entire process – from sugarcane molasses on the fermentation to fermentation to bottling.

Rumfabrik Grenada Clarkes Court

There is still time for a taste, the shop is in contrast to the factory really up to date. In addition to the classic, golden and white rums, they offer also the well-known Old Grog, which has already been drunken by George III of England. The bottles were labeled with G.R.O.G. – which stands for Georgius Rex Old Grenada. Since several years, they produce also different kinds of rum with special tastes, like lemon or spices and of course the famous Caribbean rum punch.
 Rumpunch Grenada Rum Clarkes Court

A little bit elated we get back on the bus and drive to the center of the island to the Grand Etang Lake in the national park. The natural crater lake is surrounded by green rainforest, and we hear the chirping exotic birds from the trees. If you have more time you have to go for a hiking trip and enjoy the beautiful nature.
 Grand Etan Lake Grenada

Unfortunately, we can only enjoy a short view, before we learn more about the most famous product of the island.

Grenadas spices – nutmegs are really cheap!
The nutmeg is the symbol of Grenada and even depicted on the national flag. I have a look at the fruit: The famous nutmeg is surrounded by a red mace flower and a protective, thick skin.

Grenada Muskatnuss Nutmeg

In Grenville on the east coast of the island, we visit an old nutmeg factory.
Grenada Muskatnuss Nutmeg Fabrik

The seed of the nutmeg tree is dried, sorted, cleaned and exported after a successful water test: if the nut sinks down, it is perfect for consumption and will be packed for the export.
We also buy some bags of nutmeg – a ration for one year costs just two dollars! Purchase tip: A panacea for all kinds of pain is the Nutmeg Oil. Unfortunately the lecturer of the cruise told us this in the evening on the ship, too late for buying some bottles. The oil costs on the island by the way is only about $ 8.
Grenada Nutmeg Muskatnuss

Slowly it is getting dark and we follow the main road across the sparsely populated southwest of the island back to the capital St. George’s. Fast forward, we saw a few highlights of Grenada, but to really immerse yourself in the culture, we have to come back – and stay longer than just a few hours!

Grenada Sea Cloud
Even from a distance the lights of the Sea Cloud II lights us home and tired of all the impressions we climb up the gangway. The ship remains a few hours in port and starts to sail in the late evening. Goodbye – Grenada!

Mehr Informationen gibt es unter PureGranada.

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