Sea Cloud II – Under sail through the Caribbean

It’s early morning and I am alone on the deck of the sailing ship Sea Cloud II. The sun just looks over the edge of the deep blue sea and the wind creates beautiful white crests on the waves. I walk along the ship to the back, where fresh coffee and some croissants wait for early birds like me. Morgenkaffeebuffet With a cup of coffee I sit down near the railing and let my eyes glide over the horizon. Can you think of a better start in the morning?Morgenkaffee Suddenly 15 sailors pass me – Captain Evgeny Nemerzhitskiy has called for setting the sails! Eight of them slip into yellow climbing suits and climb up the rope ladders into the top of the masts. In a dizzying height the loose the ropes of the different sails, the rest of the work will be done on deck. The wind blows into the 3.000 quare meters sails and the white ship is heading for the next Caribbean island.  07_Sea Cloud II -Segel setzen3(c)Thomas_Sbikowski For ten days I explore the islands of the Lesser Antilles by boat and have also the chance, to get an impression of the captain’s work. The bridge is nearly always open for the passengers. “We try to go under sail for a few hours every day”, captain Evgeny Nemerzhitskiy tells me. The likeable seaman from Tallinn hired 15 years ago on the historic sister ship Sea Cloud und changes to the new build Sea Cloud II in 2001. Now he ist sailing the ship through the Mediterranean Sea in summer, and through the Caribbean in Winter. “Here we have almost always perfect conditions for sailing and we often sail through the whole night”, the captain explains. He comfortably leans on the railing, because the ship starts to swing a bit.04_Sea Cloud II -Kapitän Evgeny Nemerzhitskiy (c)Thomas_Sbikowski The ship The Sea Cloud II is no ordinary cruise ship, because the sails are set according to tradition by hand. That’s an amazing highlight every day, when the brave sailors climb up into the masts to do their work.schiff I stayed in a nice junior suite, of which there are 16 at the promenade deck. Junior Suite The Sea Cloud II also comes up with two deluxe outside cabins with huge windows, the cabin floor provides 27 outside cabins with classic portholes.zimmer The cabins have bathrooms with shower, the suites come up with bath tubs.Bad Lunch is always served on the quarterdeck and the guests have a big selection of regional specialitites. buffet Sometimes the chef snatches a special fish on the local market and fries it directly on deck. On my trip he catched a Blue Marlin!16_Sea Cloud II -Chefkoch Michael Fietz bereitet den Fang des Tages vor(c)Thomas_Sbikowski As you can imagine it is never boring on board. Numerous sun loungers invite the guests to relax in the sun with an amazing sea view. Actually I planned to read a book, but there was always something to see or to do. Some guests have discovered dolphins, then a romantic wedding takes place at the bridge and the next Caribbean island is in sight. An when the Sea Cloud lies off, the bathing platform is open!badeplattform Overlooking the mountains of St. Lucia I swim in the warm ocean until it is time again for coffee and cakes.badeplattform23 The journey On their Caribbean cruise the Sea Cloud II avoids touristic cities and stops at small towns or beautiful beaches. With zodiacas or the orange tender boats the passengers drive to the green islands with their colorful wooden houses.Sea Cloud Strand The excursions offer brief insights into the different worlds of the Caribbean islands. On Tobago we hiked through the rainforest to the Argyle Waterfalls, St. Lucia is famous for it’s bubbling sulfur springs. On Grenada we visited a rum distillery and a nutmeg factory, around the Tobago Cays we cruised with a catamaran to the best beaches for snorkeling and sunbathing. On Bequia they offered a trip to a turtle farm, on Dominica we took part in a Creole cooking class.

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The 10-days cruise includes all meals, soft drinks, coffee and tea around the clock and quality wines and beer during lunch and dinner and starts at 3.595 Euro

This text has been translated to the best of my knowledge into English.

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