Exploring the luxury district of St. Petersburg – by speedboat!

In the far south of St. Petersburg in the sunshine state Florida a handful speed boats are bobbing in the harbor. “You’ll have to drive by yourself,” is the surprising answer to my question about the captain. Because there is only one, and that’s Scott Simon. The suntanned American is grinning broadly over his face and distributes life jackets on our team of six people. Then the 35-year-old jumps into the boat and explains the most important thing, the throttle!

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Three teams with two people each sit in the three boats, the captain has his own vehicle. The sun is burning hot even in the late autumn and I am glad that I put some sunscreen on. With a quiet sound our red and white boat slips slowly over the wide channels. Left and right on the banks the millionaire’s villas are lined up in a row, expensive yachts and jet skis wait at the webs.

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The area seems deserted during the week, we do not even see a gardener on the perfectly cut lawns. Almost at every house sparkles a small swimming pool, protected by a fine mesh to hold off the other inhabitants of the region, the pelicans.

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Here and there such a fish hunter sits on the shore, perched between one or the other bird of prey on a pole. Suddenly a command squawks from the mono speaker next to the steering wheel. “Full Speed” is the announcement of Captain Scott Simon and that means that every driver of the small speedboat column vigorously pushes the throttle forward.

The engine howls, the speed boat lifts the nose high up in the blue Florida sky for a few seconds and we see only the bow of our boat before our racer falls back into a horizontal position. With 30 miles per hour we race on the sparkling water. Captain Scott Simon gives direction and passes under a large sheet of a highway bridge towards the open sea. “Juchuuuuh” I shout out loud, because the boat bounces hard on the waves of a huge passing yacht. The trip is like a wild carousel ride.

Bild 5 Suddenly the captain raises his hand, which is the sign for stopping. Once again, the bow of our boat speed lifts extremely high in the air and blocks the view forward, but loweres after a few seconds again. Just in time to see the dolphins near the shore!

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“During this season, the animals often have babies and dare not so close up to us,” explains Scott Simon. The 35-year-old is tanned from his – as he says – dream job on the water. For me this was just all there: A bit of adrenaline during the fast rides, some sun on my face and a photo of the dolphins – what more could you want! Now the beaches of St.Petersburg State / Clearwater are waiting for me, who are elected every year as one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA!

Find out more at: www.visitstpeteclearwater.com

This text has been translated to the best of my knowledge into English.

justLuxeTravel was a guest of the region St. Petersburg/Clearwater. Our opinion is always our own.

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